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Avator Pro Dongle is a phone servicing solution for MediaTek / Qualcomm / Spreadtrum based devices. It is supposed to support the whole range of smartphones, however the features may differ from model to model.


MTK Features

Supported SoCs:

  • MT6797T - Helio X25
  • MT6797 - Helio X20
  • MT6795 - Helio X10
  • MT6771* - Helio P60
  • MT6763T - Helio P23
  • MT6763
  • MT6758
  • MT6757CD - Helio P25
  • MT6757 - Helio P20
  • MT6755T* - Helio P10
  • MT6755 - Helio P10
  • MT6752
  • MT6752
  • MT6750/A
  • MT6737T
  • MT6737M
  • MT6737
  • MT6735M
  • MT6735
  • MT6732
  • MT6595
  • MT6592
  • MT6589
  • MT6583
  • MT6582
  • MT6580
  • MT6577
  • MT6575
  • MT6573
  • MT6572
  • MT6571
  • MT6570

Media TAB

  • MT8783
  • MT8752
  • MT8735
  • MT8389
  • MT8382
  • MT8321
  • MT8312
  • MT8163
  • MT8127

Read Information

  • Read information including HW/SW Version
  • Read/Write Full Firmware
  • Read Factory Scatter Firmware
  • Read/Write any firmware partition
  • Write Factory Firmware
  • Partition Tool for professional users
  • Format in Factory Mode
  • Read/Write NVData
  • Format/Erase any partition
  • Format/Reset all settings
  • Repair security by AT Mode
  • Repair security by Meta Mode
  • Repair security by Flash Mode
  • Read/Remove Patten Lock
  • Reset Phone User Lock
  • Reset Filesystem
  • Reset FRP (Factory Reset Protection)
  • Reset Gmail Account
  • Read phone book (unencrypted phone)
  • Backup images (unencrypted phone)
  • Backup videos (unencrypted phone)

Qualcomm Features

Supported SoCs:

  • MSM 8X10
  • MSM 8X26
  • MSM 8210
  • MSM 8212
  • MSM 8226
  • MSM 8228
  • MSM 8610
  • MSM 8612
  • MSM 8626
  • MSM 8909
  • MSM 8916
  • MSM 8917
  • MSM 8926
  • MSM 8929
  • MSM 8936
  • MSM 8937
  • MSM 8940
  • MSM 8952
  • MSM 8953
  • MSM 8956
  • MSM 8974
  • MSM 8976
  • MSM 8992
  • MSM 8994
  • MSM 8996
  • MSM 8998
  • MSM 8992
  • MSM 8994
  • MSM 8996

Note: The above given SoC list is not completed and will be added in future updates.

Auto Detection for Following Chips:

  • MSM8974
  • MSM8936
  • MSM8976
  • MSM8937
  • MSM8909
  • MSM8929
  • MSM8992
  • MSM8610
  • MSM8916
  • MSM8917
  • MSM8940
  • MSM8952
  • MSM8953
  • MSM8994
  • MSM8996
  • MSM8x10
  • MSM8x26
  • MSM8998
  • MSM8226

Read Information

  • Read information including HW/SW Version
  • Read Full Firmware
  • Read Factory Firmware
  • Read /Write any firmware partition
  • Partition Tool for professional users
  • Format in Factory Mode
  • Format/Erase any partition
  • Format/Reset all settings
  • Repair security
  • Read/Write/Reset EFS
  • Read/Write QCN
  • Read/Remove Pattern Lock
  • Reset Phone User Lock
  • Reset Filesystem
  • Reset FRP (Factory Reset Protection)
  • Reset Gmail Account
  • Read Phone Book (unencrypted phone)
  • Backup Images (unencrypted phone)
  • Backup Videos (unencrypted phone)

SPD Features

Supported SoCs:

  • SC9832A
  • SC9832
  • SC9830 / A
  • SC9820 /A
  • SC8830
  • SC8810
  • SC7731
  • SC7731C
  • SC7731G
  • SC7730
  • SC7730A
  • SC7715 NAND/eMMC
  • SC6825
  • SC8825
  • SC6820
  • SC6531
  • SC6531 A/C/E

Read Information:

  • Read/Write Full Firmware
  • Read/Write PAC Factory Firmware
  • Format Factory Mode
  • Safe Format
  • Repair Security
  • Read Pattern Lock
  • Reset Screen Lock
  • Reset User Lock
  • Reset Filesystem

Package Content:

Avator Pro Dongle - 1 pc.

* Developer provides support only for those phones which are on the list of supported. Not all servicing features can be applied to some supported models, due to difference of hardware / software versions. Complete list of supported models you can find on the official product page, or on the GSM forum.

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